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2008 Election-Related Projects

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On 7/8/08, a DC/MD/VA area organizers´ strategy meeting was convened by APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance) and AALDEF (Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund), to discuss ways to collaborate on the election-related work, including voter registration, voter education, voter mobilization, election protection and poll monitoring. Representatives from various Asian-American groups came: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and South Asian. This was a followup to another training on VotersĄŻ Rights Workshop for Nonprofits. There will be additional meetings and trainings.

Among the Korean-American organizations, NAKA (National Association of Korean Americans) has shown interest in participation in these joint endeavors. If you or your organization would like to participate, or have plans in these regards, or have ideas and suggestions, please let us know. Overall nonpartisan efforts will help impact the political process and empowerement for the Asian-American communities in the long run.

Contact: nakausa@naka.org

(Office) 7/9/2008