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Appeal for Resumption of Humanitarian Food Aid to North Korea

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Whereas all parties concerned would like to see a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the Korean Peninsula;

Whereas, both sides of Korea have expressed willingness to resume dialogue;

Whereas, the spirit of reconciliation and inter-Korean dialogue was advocated during the recent U.S.-China summit;

Whereas, it is time to show a sign of good will action on all sides;

Whereas, the conditions in North Korea due to floods and climate variations have not improved;

Whereas, the resolution of basic hunger issue of North Korea has been exacerbated by political and economic sanctions,

We call for immediate and unconditional resumption of food aid to North Korea, as a prudent humanitarian gesture and a first step in diffusing tension in the Korean Peninsula.

National Association of Korean Americans (NAKA), www.naka.org, Feb. 1, 2011

(Office) 2/1/2011