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Ensure Peace in the Korean Peninsula

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Ensure Peace in the Korean Peninsula

The United Nations Security Council has passed a strong resolution on March 7, 2013, imposing tighter sanctions against North Korea. Around the same time of the U.N. deliberations, starting on March 1, the combined U.S. and South Korean military exercises Key Resolve-Foal Eagle have begun, which are considered as provocative and preparatory war games by North Korea.
In response, North Korea has vowed to disband the Korean War Armistice and indicated that it will not rule out an all-out war, including pre-emptive nuclear strikes against the U.S. The South Korean government also threatened to annihilate the leadership of North Korea if a war breaks out.
These ominous developments again reflect the dangerous cycle of escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, which has created constant war threats and military provocations and confrontations.
Realizing the danger and urgency of the current situation, we believe additional steps and counter-steps that produce more tension and confrontation would not help any party involved, therefore we ask the following to the governments of the United States, North Korea, and South Korea:

1. The North Korean government should end its threat to disband the Korean War Armistice Agreement and engage in a renewed dialog with the U.S. and South Korea if it does not want another war to break out in the Korean Peninsula.
2. The U.S. government, as a responsible party on charting Korea¡¯s peace and security, should end the U.S.-South Korea military exercises immediately and move towards negotiations with North Korea aimed at resolving the crisis peacefully.
3. The South Korean government should move away from confrontational stance toward North Korea and end joint military exercises and move towards improving ties with North Korea in search for a peaceful settlement.

This year is the sixtieth anniversary of the Korean War Armistice Agreement. Now is the time to end war threats and confrontational standoff and move towards permanent peace settlement, including formulating a peace treaty that ensures peace, prosperity, security and reunification. We ask the three governments to move in this direction, now!

(Office) 3/8/2013