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Shim Hun Manuscript Special Exhibition

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An exclusive exhibition of Shim Hun¡¯s original manuscripts will take place at the William Cho Peace Center (3883 Plaza Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030) from February 27 to March 1, co-sponsored by NAKA and the Shim Hun U.S. Memorial.

Shim Hun (1901-1936) is a famous Korean poet/novelist who were imprisoned due to his involvement in the March 1st Movement of 1919 (calling for independence from Japanese colonial rule). His poem ¡°When That Day Comes¡± (yearning for Korean independence) is a required reading for all Korean middle school students. He also authored ¡°The Evergreen¡± (Sangroksu), a novel highlighting efforts at rural enlightenment and empowerment on the path to Korean independence.

The exhibition hours are:
Feb. 27, 4-9 pm; Feb. 28 & March 1, 12-9 pm.
Special events are: Opening reception, Feb. 27, 7 pm;
Screening of the film ¡°The Evergreen,¡± Feb. 28, 7 pm;
March 1 Movement Commemoration Event, March 1, 6 pm.

(Office) 2/20/2015