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Korea Peace Advocacy Letter-Writing Campaign

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[Action Advisory]

Korea Peace Advocacy Letter-Writing Campaign

Initiated by NAKA (National Association of Korean Americans)

First Phase: Feb. 12-26, 2019

Although the Second US-North Korea Summit is scheduled to take place Feb. 27-28, there is still skepticism and opposition in the Congress towards US-North Korean negotiations aimed at a peace settlement in the Korean Peninsula.

Please send the following message (with your additional remarks as needed) to your Representatives and Senators.

You can find your representatives/senators at: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members

You can send e-mail (using online form on Congress member website) and/or mail the letter.

Faxing with cover sheet is another effective method.

After the Summit, we can send another letter, depending on the results of the Summit.

For more information or inquiry: contact nakaadvocacy@gmail.com

[Sample Letter Template]

Dear Representative _____ (or Senator _______),

I, _________, as your constituent, support the recent and timely, multilateral efforts to bring peace and reconciliation to the Korean Peninsula.

There are 1.8 million Korean-Americans, millions more in the global diaspora, and 80 million people on the Korean Peninsula who do not want to see another catastrophic war engulfing Korea and the region.

We sincerely want to see the transition of the 65-year-old Korean War Armistice Agreement to a formal Peace Treaty that would help bring denuclearization of the Peninsula, normalization of relations, and peace/security guarantees.

With another crucial Summit coming up on February 27 through 28 in Hanoi, Vietnam between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-Un, I urge esteemed members of the Congress to support the good-faith negotiations aimed at building a new relationship between the United States and North Korea for the lasting peace and security in the region.

Thank you for your strong support and leadership.


(Action ) 2/13/2019