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NAKA Community Forum
September 26, 2020, 8 PM ET
Virtually Via Zoom Meeting
Inquiry: nakaadvocacy@gmail.com

Topic: Korea¡¯s Liberation in August 15, 1945 and the Zonal Occupation of Korea -- The Seed of the Korean Division

Speaker: H.K. Suh, President of NAKA

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Korea¡¯s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule, yet it was not true independence as Korea was denied independent, self-government (as promised by the Allies during the wartime summits) but rather was suddenly divided arbitrarily in half without Koreans¡¯ knowledge. This hasty and fateful decision by the US policy makers laid the seed for political turmoil, war, and the ensuing division of Korea.
(Office) 9/23/2020