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Frank Jannuzi, East Asia specialist of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, spoke about the peace process with North Korea to Korean-American audience at the national office of the National Association of Korean-Americans (NAKA) on March 4, 2004.

During this installment of Korea Peace Forum series sponsored by NAKA, Jannuzi discussed prospects for peaceful negotiation with North Korea, 6-way talks, nuclear program and economic reforms in North Korea, humanitarian and refugee issues. Jannuzi stressed that increased direct dialogue with North Korea will foster improved communication and understanding between Washington and Pyongyang and help facilitate the peace process.

Jannuzi, who works with Ranking Member Senator Joseph Biden, visited North Korea, along with his Republican counterpart Keith Luse, in January 2004. (Their trip report can be found at http://foreign.senate.gov/testimony/2004/DPRKTripReport.pdf ) The forum also gave opportunities to recent visitors from South Korea, who raised concerns from citizen perspectives regarding U.S. policy towards Korea.

(NAKA Office) 3/4/2004