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Korea Peace Advocacy Day in Congress

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Civic and Religious Representatives Advocate for Peace in Korea
Korea Peace Advocacy Day, the U.S. Congress, June 11, 2004

The National Association of Korean Americans (William Cho, President) and the National Committee for Peace in Korea (Berta Laney and Syngman Rhee, Co-Chairs), with assistance from the Washington Office of the Presbyterian Church-USA and the Friends Committee on National Legislation, are sponsoring Korea Peace Advocacy Day in Congress on June 11 with visitations to members of international affairs/foreign relations and judiciary committees, to discuss the pending North Korean Human Rights Act and to urge for a peaceful settlement in the Korean Penisula. This is in conjuction to the on-going letter-writing campaign.

To join the delegation, please contact nakausa@naka.org
(NAKA Office) 6/7/2004