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Register and Vote: 2004

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The 2004 Election is gearing up to be a close election where every vote will likely count. The presidential election will impact U.S.-Korea relations, the peace process in Korea, and the Korean-American community. Please register to vote if you have not yet registered (at your county or city office). Exercise your citizen right to vote and have your voice heard.

An option for busy naturalized citizens is the mail-in voting using absentee ballot.

This allows voting by:
1) small business owners and workers who cannot take time off to go to polling stations (this applies to most Korean-American mom-and-pop stores);
2) college students who don´t want to miss classes;
3) those who will be out of town;
4) those who are ill or disabled;
5) those in the military;
4) those who take care of children or elderly at home constantly.

You can request absentee ballot via


(NAKA Office) 9/20/2004