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Letter Published in the Washington Post

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A letter-to-editor sent to the Washington Post was published on Oct. 21, 2006.


Responding to North Korea

While the debate on the best response to North Korea´s nuclear testing carries on, there is one voice markedly missing: that of Korean Americans.

Koreans living in the United States cannot just sit idle during this crucial moment of escalating tension between the United States and North Korea. We have families and relatives in South Korea, and, for some, in North Korea as well. The many of us who experienced the Korean War and its aftermath firsthand know the extent of national tragedy and destruction a war would bring to our motherland.

We urge the Bush administration to use all diplomatic methods to resolve the standoff with North Korea peacefully. A misstep would have horrendous consequences.

Executive Director
National Association of Korean Americans

(NAKA Office) 10/21/2006