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Korean Americans for Fair Trade Launched

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See www.kaft.org for more information.

Korean Americans for Fair Trade (KAFT) is a national organization of concerned Korean-American citizens that calls for trade that promotes the equitable and sustainable development of working people and the environment.

KAFT was formed in 2006 due to concerns with the non-transparent negotiations process and dangerous provisions proposed in the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KorUS FTA). Our coalition works closely with peasants/farmers, trade unionists/labor, public health and other civil society organizations in the United States and South Korea.

KAFT promotes a fair trade model that supports the following principles:

Mutual benefit, respect for democratic rights and progress towards equality; Democratic participation, transparency and accountability during the trade negotiations process; strengthened labor and environmental standards; Protection of vulnerable populations.

We are not convinced that the KorUS FTA will be beneficial to ordinary American workers and farmers. In the United States, unfettered free trade has been directly responsible for the massive loss of jobs and erosion of hard-won benefits and rights for workers, unions, and the middle class. Nowhere has this been more apparent today than with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

(KAFT) 2/1/2007