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Letters on the Virginia Tech Tragedy

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Many from the general public have sent in their concerns to us. Here are some. The views represent that of the writers.
Dear Friends,

The events of this past week have been sad beyond words. Among the many things that have made me very sad has been the many Korean people who feel the need to
apologize because of the nationality of Mr. Cho. Please know that most people DO NOT blame Koreans, or even consider Mr. Cho´s nationality as having anything
to do with his actions. Evil is not specific to any race and all races must unite to combat it. Please know that you are respected and well loved neighbors in our world!

Elizabeth, Fairfax, Virginia
I want to reach out the Korean-American community at this time of sadness and pain. People understand this young man, Cho Seung-Hui, was very disturbed as an individual but it should not reflect the community as a whole. I am sure his family are suffering now and need the support of the greater Korean-American community. I am also very sure the sympathy and condolences sent out from the Korean-American community will be very much appreciated.

Linda, Fredericksburg, Virginia
I want to express my sadness over the recent event in my home state that involved the Korean-American student. I have known people in the Korean-American community since 1978. While living in Chicago and attending graduate school we worked in a Korean church with their children and teenagers. Those adults and young people were some of the finest that we have ever known. They remained friends for so many years and had a great impact on our lives. They were so much the antithesis of the sad young man from Virginia Tech.

As a community you will be in our thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks ahead. We will continue to support and believe in the Korean-Americans in our community and in our country. May God be with all of us in the days and weeks ahead as the nation and the country of Korea sort through the aftermath of this event.

Kathy, Danville, VA
I find it sad that the Asian community, specifically the South Korean community, is apologizing for the shooting in Virginia. This young man was troubled - no matter what his ethnicity is. He is a human being and whether he is Italian, African American or Russian - he a person who took this course of action for very disturbed reasons. This is not reflective of the South Korean community. This is reflective of this man and his life. I feel so sad for the families of the victims and I also feel for those who are apologizing for something they did not do.This is not about an Asian man - it is about a man - period. There are many South Koran people in Toronto and all of them that I know are wonderful. People are people - good and bad.

Angela, Toronto, Canada
I´m concerned because of the recent events that occured at Virginia Tech. Every headline and every news report ALWAYS mentions that he was S. Korean. I fail to see the relevence of mentioning that over and over again.

What does race have anything to do with the murders? He was obviously insane. Insanity is not race specific nor is it a natural part of our culture. I´m not embarrased that he´s Korean, I´m infuriated because the press will not stop mentioning that he is. In the Columbine murders the gunman´s races were never stressed. They didn´t constantly mention that European Eric Matthews shot so and so victims or African American Rodney Rogers shot 3 people. Its of no significance and only succeeeds to undo what generations of Koreans in America have fought for which is a standard
of normalcy and acceptance.

I am wondering if folks can speak out to the press and squelch the constant racial stressing and unneeded racial profiling. Criminal insanity is a disease that is not race specific.

Joseph Kim
Please let the family of Cho Seung-Hui know they are in my thoughts and prayers. As a parent I can only imagine how much pain they are feeling. Please stand by them and let them know others share their pain and hope they can find a way to continue through their anquish. It is not their fault, they need not feel shame along with the remorse which would naturally haunt them even though they share no blame. I hope they can join or, if there is no such group, start a group for parents who may go through the same unimaginable sorrow. I´m only a grandmother living in Oregon but feel there are others out there who hope to comfort this family in some small way.

Marilyn, Oregon
Please forward to Koreans in America and to his family....

The sorrow the victims and families at Virginia Tech are going
through is horrendous. The sorrow the Cho family is going through must be similar in intensity. Please know that many Americans are praying for the Cho family also....and like the Amish community in Pennsylvania when they suffered their loss of children, wish no harm to the family.

A child is raised with the hope of a better future than the parent, and much is sacrificed and endured to obtain that dream. I only hope his sister continues on her path with strength and peace.


(NAKA Office) 4/19/2007