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[News] Park Geun-hye Ousted, Election on May 9 (3/15/2017)
South Korea said it will hold an election on May 9 to choose a successor for former President Park Geun-hye, who...

NAKA High School Essay Competition Winners (12/16/2016)
NAKA-Sponsored High School Essay Competition: "Roadmap Towards Peace in the Korean Peninsula" Co-Winning Entries Are Online at NAKA Website (under "Documents"...

[News] Pres. Park of South Korea Is Impeached (12/9/2016)
BREAKING NEWS (ZoominKorea): South Korean National Assembly passes motion to impeach Park Geun-hye; 234 out of 300 legislators vote in favor of...

Welcoming Ceremony of The Statue for Peace (12/8/2016)
Nabi USA-Washington, D.C., a group supporting a just resolution of the "comfort women" issue, invites you to the welcoming ceremony and...

New Officers Elected (12/5/2016)
President: Dong In Cho, New York, NY Immediate Past President: Dr. Jason (Heungno) Yoon, Arlington, VA President Emeritus: William Cho, Los...

NAKA Board Meeting Notice (10/28/2016)
NAKA Fall 2016 Board Meeting: November 5, 2016, 6 PM NAKA National Office

[Event Notice] Ride Bicycle for "Comfort Women" (8/20/2016)
Please join us in riding bicycles to ACCOMPANY with "Comfort Women," Japanese Military Sexual Slavery victims during WW II and all...

Exhibition of Works by Korean Resistance Poets (8/1/2016)
Exhibition of Works by Korean Resistance Poets During the Japanese Colonial Period, in celebration of 71st anniversary of Korea´s liberation from...

Notice of Event (Art Exhibits) (6/17/2016)
Two simultaneous exhibits: South Korean Art: Examining Life through Social Realities and Contemporary North Korean Art: The Evolution of Socialist Realism June 18 through August...

Event Notice: Forum on North Korea-US Relations (6/5/2016)
Engaging North Korea: US Policies to Improve Bilateral Relations Sponsored by Korea Peace Network and Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia...

Event Notice: Roundtable with SK Mayor (3/1/2016)
Roundtable discussion with Seongnam City Mayor Jae-Myeong Lee of South Korea and U.S.-based Korea policy experts on the situation in the...

Bereavement Notice: Ung-Tae Kim (2/15/2016)
Ung-Tae Kim, a long-time leader of Korean democracy/reunification movement in the U.S. and a boar member of NAKA, passed away on...

Event Notice: Women in War History (2/15/2016)
"Women in War History & ´Comfort Women´" with art exhibition, speeches by victim/survivors, discussions, film showings and cultural activities. George Mason University...

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